Sometimes, it's your loved ones who are cold and distant with you. Sometimes, it's life you feel is angry with you. While that it may be, some shayari helps deal with the naraazgi one experiences.

Here are some great shayars expressing their feelings over life's berukhi.

Qurbatein: Intimacy/Closeness

Sabab: Reason

Ibtida: Beginning

Badhghumaan: Distrustful

Iltifaat: Respect/Kindness

Tehzeeb: Politeness

Falsafey: Philosophy

Beniyaazi: Unnecessary

Waaqai: Really

Taghaaful: Neglect

Barhami: Disorder/Injustice

Sang dil: Cold hearted/Cruel

Kyunki, poetry humse khafa nahin.

Design Credits: Shubham Gupta