It's difficult, heartily making requests to our beloved and the passing time only to be met with silence. While not always a no, the request for an answer leaves us waiting...

Here we have renown shayars making humble requests, expressed beautifully in these shers.

Shabnam: Dew

Chaman: Flower garden

Gaaliban: Probably

Dil-e-khush-fehm: Misconceived heart

Sar-e-tasleem: Head bowed in obedience

Kham: Bend

Jafa-e-yaar: Inconstancy of the beloved

Saleeqa: (Good) Manners

Andaaz-e-dil-baraana: Elegance

Taqaaza: Demand

Naagvaar: Unpleasant

Chashm-e-tavajjoh: Eye of attention

Nishaat-e-waada-e-vasl: Energetic promise of meeting

 Barahna: Uncovered

Tawaqqo: Expectation

Design Credits: Shubham Gupta