Would you do the big chop?

No, it's not me asking this question to Shoaib Malik, but his wifey dearest Sania Mirza who shared an adorable throwback selfie with him along with a caption saying "come back soon and maybe without the stubble...😜". In the world of social media and selfies, celebrity couples sharing their romantic, candid moments on the 'gram give most of us #CoupleGoals and the latest one that has sent the Internet into a frenzy is this adorable Shoaib-Sania click.

You wouldn't believe what Shoaib Malik did to fulfill his wife's sweet request. Not only did he get rid of his stubble, but also posted a stunning video to flaunt his slick #BreakTheBeard look in absolute flair! I mean, what a dapper guy and how he's upping the style quotient in this video. Their social media PDA is literally giving me all the feels...so cute, you guys!

In fact Sania even responded to his sweet gesture by retweeting the video along with a sweet caption.

Speaking of which, the grooming world is all about the #BreakTheBeard trend. Now that Shoaib Malik is the latest one to join the bandwagon, I'm sure a lot of us would be vouching for the fancy and sleek shaved look, amirite guys?

Although, cricketers can be fiercely competitive in the field, #BreakTheBeard unites all of them and proves that a simple trend can bring together players from different countries and bond them well. The trend is convincing our favourite players from all over to the world to come together for a shaving spree. They're not only breaking the beard but breaking boundaries and bringing together players from different nations to bond over one trend. I mean, how cool is that!