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From Ross-Monica to Thor-Loki, Find Out Which Famous Sibling Jodi Are You

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Only your sibling has the unique position of being both your best friend and your worst enemy. But despite fights over TV remotes, ruined dishes, stolen clothes, and broken promises, you know no one else understands you as well as your them. 

Answer these questions and figure out whether you and your sibling are dysfunctional but adorable or crazy but close?

1. Growing up, what was your favorite way to pass time with your sibling? 

Making up dance routines

Stealing each other’s clothes

Babysitting your sibling

Playing board games that ended up in fights over who actually won

Your parents sent you for hobby classes, you didn’t play as kids

Thinking of innovative ways to please your parents

Sneaking out from under your parent’s nose

Using your individual talents to wreck havoc at home together

None of the above

2. If someone fought with your sibling, what would you do?

Praise your siblings on how well they defended themselves

Try to lighten up the mood with an inappropriate joke

Use sarcasm as a defence tactic

Fight for your sibling to establish you're superior after the fight

Fight for your sibling even if the enemy appears stronger

'Accidentally’ end up hurting your sibling while defending them

Threaten your sibling's enemy with violence even if you can't win

Join your sibling's opponent and fight your sibling instead

None of the above

 3. If you could swap your sibling for an animal, which one would it be?










4. If your sibling embarrasses you in front of your friends, what would you do?

Say he/she is adopted

Reiterate the instructions you gave them beforehand

Try to save the situation but end up sabotaging it further

Embarrass them back

Give them the silent treatment 

Laugh cuz you don’t find anything they do embarrassing 

Flip them off, because actions speak louder than words

Threaten to not help them when they get into a fight next

None of the above

5. What do you and your sibling talk about the most?









None of the above

6. If your sibling came to you for love advice, what would you do?

Advice them on conflict resolution cuz you've got no love life

Laugh at their situation & give them funny but useless advise

Use your own experiences to help them

Start planning their love life to the T

Tell them to not follow your failed love life

Tell them to seek parent’s permission first 

Tell them not to confuse infatuation with love

Tell them to leave your hot friends alone cuz they got no luck

None of the above

7. If you or your sibling accidentally hurt each other, how will you make it up?

By not ratting them out, for once

By buying or cooking their favorite snacks

By complimenting their wardrobe choices

By talking it out

By emotionally blackmailing them till they forgive

By mustering the strength to apologize but actually dying inside

By blaming it on your parents for screwing you both

By taking them out to their favorite place 

None of the above

8. Which food item will you be willing to share with your sibling?

Chicken wings

Rajma Chawal

Ice cream






"Joey doesn't share food"

9. What would you give your sibling as a Rakhi gift? 

Self defence weapons

Spend time with them

A gag gift as a prank

New Clothes

Home furnishing

An exotic holiday

A good book

None of the above


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