What do you do when you fall sick? You call your manager and explain your condition, and in most cases, you get the day off. 

But something contradictory happened with this woman, Sarah, who shared her story on Reddit

Source: Housewifehowtos

Once when Sarah fell ill, she did what all of us would have done. She called HR and explained her condition.

Just when she thought she could take the day off and relax at home, she received a call from the deputy manager. 

Even after explaining how ill she was, the deputy manager asked her to show up in office.

After being reminded of the company's strict absence policy, Sarah was scared of the possible consequences, that included a written warning too, and she reported to work anyway.

When she reported to office, her colleagues noticed that something wasn't right, and that's when things got interesting.

One of her colleagues took cognizance of the situation and called the Department Manager, Lisa. Sarah looked so pale and ill that Lisa, then, immediately took her to the store manager's office.

The store manager got furious when he was apprised of the situation. He immediately asked Lisa to drive Sarah back home.

While they were leaving, Sarah began to feel all the more sick and puked at the exact moment that her Deputy Manager - the same person who called her in to work forcefully - arrived on the spot. The deputy manager was horrified seeing Sarah puke.

What happened next will make you believe in karma.

And guess who received a written warning? Not Sarah, but, the deputy manager who forced her to come into work when she was sick.

Karma is a bitch! 

People took to Reddit to express their contentment with the way things had turned out for fellow redditor, Sarah. 

You can read her entire story here.