Guys aren't the best when it comes to expressing how they feel. However, the way they behave when you're around is enough to know that something is bubbling in their romantic cauldron. Here are 15 signs you can easily pick up to see if a guy is into you.

1. He always texts you first.

If a guy texts you first, it means that he's not afraid to initiate a conversation with you. He took the time out of his schedule to text you first. He's probably into you!

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2. He invites you to hang out with him and his friends.

If he does so, he thinks that you're cool enough to be included in his social life.

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3. He's not afraid to call you out of the blue and often.

If the guy calls you instead of just dropping a text, it means that he enjoys having a conversation with you.

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4. He talks about his deepest fears and struggles with you.

If a guy likes you, he'll lay himself open like an open book, talking about his struggles and fears.

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5. He asks how your day was.

This is a simple way of knowing that he cares.

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6. He laughs at all your jokes.

If he laughs at your jokes even when you know that you aren't a funny person in general, he is probably into you.

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7. He always is cheery around you.

A guy will always be in a good mood when you're around if he has feelings for you.

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8. He does things for you before you even ask.

You may feel like he's a mind reader. He'll offer you help even before you feel the need for an extra pair of hands.

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9. He gets jealous when other guys are around you.

If he puts himself between you and another prospective male partner, he is trying to eliminate the competition and there's no doubt that he's completely into you!

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10. He flirts with you consistently.

When a guy tries to woo somebody, they'll sneak in a cute flirt into the conversation.

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11. He pays close attention when you're talking.

If, when in a group, he has his eyes locked on you and is also commenting on the things you say, he's definitely interested in you.

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12. He compliments your interests.

If he goes beyond complementing your looks, such as your taste in music or movies, he's already fallen for you.

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13. He pays attention to your likes and dislikes.

If a guy likes you, he will educate himself on your likes and dislikes so that he can act accordingly to please you.

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14. He is not afraid to leave his phone around you.

If you're included in that exclusive circle of people who are allowed to touch his phone, know that he's super real about you.

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15. He stands really close to you.

If a guy is interested, he will stand as close to you as possible (without getting creepy of course).

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So, is he?