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Jan 26, 2018 at 14:51

Someone Called This Sikh Man’s Turban ‘Bandage’ So He Matched It To His Roll Royces For A Week!

by Ira Shukla

Reuben Singh, a billionaire based out of UK, had an unpleasant encounter with an English guy a few days back. 

In a tweet describing the incident, he wrote:

Hurt and offended with the remark against something he considers to be his 'pride', Reuben challenged the Englishman that he will match his turban with a Rolls Royce, every day of the week. 

And boy, did he do that!

Source: Drivespark


Source: Drivespark


Source: Drivespark


Source: Drivespark


Source: Drivespark


Source: Drivespark


Needless to say that people from all communities came together to praise Rueben for what he did.

Reuben is the CEO of AlldayPA, and founder of a clothing brand called Miss Attitude that was popular in the UK, back in 90s. 

The business had to be shut in 2007 due to losses, but Reuben overcame all hurdles to prove that he still has fight in him.

They say that 'Singh Is King', and they are not wrong.

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