A Mumbai Garba party has come up with a creative solution to the sound problem...


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Source: Twitter

 Yes, there was a 'silent Garba' party held in Mumbai. 

 Look at everyone having a good time with their headphones on. 

Live music was played for a while and then people switched to headphones after 11 PM.

Source: Twitter

Reminding you of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil?

Aboli Anand, director of Rajmahal Banquets told DNA.

Each headphone will have all these tracks which will be assigned a light of a different colour. People or groups who want to play dandiya together can tune into the same track by identifying and coordinating the colour and come together for it.
Source: Twitter

Mumbai is clearly warming up to this concept, and we are not complaining.

Looks like other cities are following suit too.

Raising a dandiya to all those who thought of such an ingenious solution to the problem of noise pollution.