We're living at a time when people are breaking the mould, and initiating a change in conventional ways. 

Breaking away from the norm, a single mother performed 'kanyadaan' of her daughter, a ritual traditionally performed by the bride's father.

When Rajeshwari Sharma's daughter Sandhya decided to marry, the tradition required a man to be present during the kanyadaan ceremony. At this time, Rajeshwari, who's been a mother and father to her kids, performed the ritual of giving away her daughter.  

Photographer Varun Suresh shared the pictures of the wedding that took place in Chennai last year. 

The photographs show Sandhya sitting in her mother's lap during the ceremony.

Even Shashi Tharoor praised the act in a tweet:

Tharoor's tweet inspired other people to share their own stories.

All we need in these times is to embrace change with a smile.