Technology has upped its game and it has now made its way into your bedrooms. 

A British company has invented a smart condom that can measure a whole lot of things about your willy. But only if you're brave enough to wear it and have no qualms about admitting your failure from time to time. 

Source: RD

The smart condom is called iCon and has been wired to track STIs and relay other information to the wearer's smartphone. 

Source: BusinessInsider

It's a small band that fits around the bottom of a man’s penis. But that means that you'll still need to wear a normal condom for protection.

Source: Metro

In addition to detecting infections, it can also measure the number of calories burned during intercourse, the speed of a man’s thrusts, how long he lasts and even what positions are used.

Source: InsideHook

Not just that, it is waterproof and extraordinarily flexible to ensure that one fit suits all. And it even lights up so that your deeds are illuminated enough. 

Source: Nylon

Pretty cool, huh? So, how many of you are ready to invest in this smart condom?