They're a rare breed - cute, cuddly and hard to spot from a height. Here's a tribute to the little ones who lift us up as we lift them up - smol animols.

1. This little pug that wants to kill you with cuteness.

2. This baby hedgehog otherwise known as smol pokey boi.

Source: Blazepress

3. Tiny froggo caught mid-nap.

Source: Facebook

4. Smol but standing tol.

Source: Facebook

5. He might be smol but his appetite is huge!

6. Smol jumps.

7. A smol pygmy possum trying to chomp its tail.

Source: Homesecrity

8. Suspicious and smol, this fennec fox has got it all.

Source: Menstyle

9. ♪ Baby koala, children at your feet, wonder how you manage to make ends meet ♪

Source: Koala

10. Smol but deadly.

11. Look ma, jazz hands!

12. A smol bol of lint.

13. Squeezy bois thinking toes are toys.

14. Me every morning.

15. Tiny hopper.

16. A smol pupper 'facing' his future.

Source: Dictionary

17. Wake up and 'smol' the coffee!

Source: Reductress

18. Smol bitey boi.

Source: Knowyourmeme

19. Y U SO CUTE?!

Source: Reddit

20. And just for good measure, another porcupine.

Source: Twitter

21. Sweet dreams little doggo.

Source: Facebook

22. Wait a minute, that's not a pumpkin!!

Source: Tumblr

23. Two little potatoes showing some love.

Source: Wattpad

24. The desert is not place for someone this smol!

Source: Twitter

25. Awwdorable.

Source: Blazepress


Brb, dying of cuteness.