Boarding a plane to go somewhere seems like a very ordinary thing to do, right? Like, what can go wrong? Now if you're a paranoid person, you'll obviously think about the famous TV show Lost but then, that's a very rare incident. You think that once you're in the air, things will be pretty damn boring but what if, that's not the case?

Passengers strapped in on a commercial flight in Mexico lived out a Hollywood nightmare straight from Snakes on a Plane when a snake slithered along and then dangled from the cabin ceiling.

Flight company Aeromexico had a snake on board recently. A video posted to Twitter shows the bright green snake moving along the plane wall behind an overhead luggage compartment before dropping down into the cabin and dangling from the plane’s ceiling. 

Of all the colours possible, the snake was green ffs. Think about this for a moment, a creature instantly becomes more dangerous when its green in colour. We're obviously excluding Shrek here, but yeah.

The passengers were quick to freak out because these selfish assholes can't even imagine a snake who just decided to go to a distant land to make some new friends. He was just suffering from a serious case of wanderlust, guys.

Source: Imgur

It was unclear how the snake ended up on the plane. Considering how some of the people from your past who you thought were your friends can easily make a comeback into your life, this doesn't really feel like a distant possibility.