A wedding may or may not be about love, but it is definitely about money. There are humongous expenses that need to be taken care of and sometimes these figures are mind-blowing (no judgment). Here, people on the internet discuss how much they spent on their wedding and you’d want to read these.

1. “Approximately ₹4 lakh. We booked a heritage property in Rajasthan and invited only immediate relatives; parents and siblings. The cost included travel, clothes, jewellery, stay at the property, food and decorations which was essentially a small mandap. My wife wanted nice pictures so we hired a pro photographer. The idea was to make it seem like a family vacation where we also get married.” – pakaomat

2. “My brother’s wedding – around ₹18 lakh in total. The cost was split equally by my parents and my sister-in-law’s parents. There were so many people to meet and greet that no one was able to enjoy the moment.” – Icemanstriker

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3. “My brother’s wedding got ₹11 lakh in total. The marriage lasted for six months before the wife ran away with an ex who was already married to somebody else. The ex then left her. The divorce case has been running for five years now.” – Anonymous

4. “₹25 lakh on my parents’ side and ₹12 lakh out of my pocket to finance my wife’s side. My family wanted a decent wedding because I’m the only ladka in the family. It was a total waste for me but frankly speaking, I would end up spending the same amount on my kids’ wedding too. People who complain about expensive weddings end up spending close to a few lakhs on their kids’ first birthdays.” – banker_boy2

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5. “My sister’s wedding cost around ₹6 lakh. Most of the cash went to decor, food, booze, jewellery and clothes. Out of fear, the in-laws didn’t demand a dowry; neither were we in favour of giving a single penny as a dowry.” – kentcuntdie

6. “15k including a dinner with close family.” – Anonymous

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7. “It was around ₹7 lakh and it was not at all worth it. I wanted a registered marriage but my wife, parents and in-laws were completely against it, so it was exactly what I didn’t want. Out of the ₹7 lakh, I spent around ₹1 lakh, the rest was spent by my parents. This is just the groom’s side expenses. The bride’s side was around ₹3 lakh, I guess. I splurged on our honeymoon in Mauritius though.” – niranjan-basarkar

8. My cousin’s wedding must’ve come for a round ₹1.5 crore. Imo not worth it at all. -Anonymous

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9. Around 2 lakhs. Church wedding. Reception in small hall next to church. Cake and food. Some 50-60 people. 2002.wanderingmind

10. ~20 lakh. split 4 ways 5 lakh bride, 5 lakh groom, 5 lakh dad, 5 lakh FIL. Obviously total waste of money but total equal to one month salary for the groom. – Anonymous