Cricket is a gentleman's game. But who said gentlemen cannot be funny. From hilarious bowling fails to bizarre fielding attempts, out-of-the-box shots to unintentionally funny field settings, these gentlemen can have more than a few funny moments out in the middle.

Don't believe us? Check out these cricket moments which show cricket can sometimes be the funniest sport in the world:

1. When Inzamam's weight got the better of him.

2. Lasith Malinga realises that even he can be off target... okay waaayyy off target!

3. Ok Dhoni, so what do you call THAT... a rocket shot?

4. It's OK to have two left feet in front of Tendulkar but this is just epic!

5. When Rana Naved found the outfield too slippery to field.

6. And Billy Bowden goes berserk!

7. When Colin Miller tried to bring some colour to the Test cricket!

8. When Malinga and Tharanga left the catch for each other!

9. Inzamam is at it again! This time he takes a stroll around the stumps!

10. This funny field setting shows the importance of a single run in cricket!