Guess what season it is? Yeah, autumn. What else? Oh, we’re also stepping into cricket season. And with that comes the ultimate festival of faith for every die-hard cricket fan: The Cup! Yes, it is the time when every nook and corner will fill up with cheers and limitless hope. Hope that we’ll get the cup again. Which is why this year, Oreo is bringing stories of our powerful, sweet beliefs to the limelight with their #BringBack2011 campaign. And it all started with none other than our very own Captain Cool recreating his victory routine as was, back in 2011.

Oreo is bringing back 2011 with the belief that if the time of 2011 can be recreated, then India’s victory of 2011 will repeat too! They have made the ultimate fan gesture by relaunching their brand again. Not only that, they are also urging people to join in and #BringBack2011 in their own ways. And lo and behold, it has become a phenomenon!

Heartwarming gestures of fans recreating little things from 2011 are surfacing on the internet. From restaurants relaunching 2011 specials to cricket influencers digging out their 2011 match outfits, here are 11 stories of people recreating 2011 to help the Cup make its way back to us.

1. A historic beer to cheer for history to repeat.

Doolally, a brewery in Mumbai, has recreated their historic India pale ale to #BringBack2011. The beer was first launched in 2011. Thus, the owners believe that the team can bring back the cup if this precious brew is brought back in the menu. Really, cheers to being cricket fanatics!

2. The winning way reboot to #BringBack2011.

Whether you are a cricket nerd or not, we all know the iconically celebrated commentator of all times, Harsha Bhogle. Guess what? He is relaunching his book ‘The Winning Way’ as a tribute to this massive recreation of history!

3. Zindagi “Milegi” Dobara with #BringBack2011!

2011 saw the rise of one of the most appreciated films in Bollywood, ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.’ Ummmm…you know where we’re going with this right? Yes, Zoya Akhtar has relaunched the film’s trailer once again to contribute to this campaign!

4. Jersey no. 7 is back in the market again.

If you remember waiting in a queue to purchase Dhoni’s jersey during the 2011 tournament, you’re in luck! This stall at Borivali, Mumbai, is selling Dhoni’s jersey all over again to ensure India’s victory by recreating the jersey madness. (Is it only me, or the whole country is slowly transforming into a time capsule?)

5. There’s no recreation without the haircut!

Dhoni’s exemplary haircut in 2011 took the nation by storm. I remember every guy flaunting the haircut for so many months after Dhoni sported it in the field. Breaking news is that it’s back! This barber in Ghaziabad is offering Dhoni’s haircut at half the price. (Oreo has really set up one hell of a campaign, hasn’t it?)

6. Action replay…

Somesh Singh, the owner of a TV showroom in Bilaspur, is replaying matches from 2011 just like he did back in 2011. He believes by replaying previous matches, Team India can perform the way it did in the victory year.

7. Victory burger on the #BringBack2011 menu.

Hotel Manohar in Dadar, had launched a burger to keep up with the culinary trends in 2011. Once a trend keeper, the burger has now become a victory totem for Team India. The restaurant has relaunched the burger as a 2011 special in hopes to help India win the cup back.

8. Repeating outfits to repeat history.

Mayanti Langer had saved every piece of clothing and object that she possessed during India’s 2011 victory. And to embody the same energy this year, she has dug every piece of belonging she possessed during the match out. She is set to repeat the 2011 outfit so that victory might repeat itself!

9. Say “Hello” to the Cup, literally!

Remember making random calls to strangers from PCO booths? (Don’t tell me it was only me and my friends.) Anyway, a stall owner in Sangli has brought his PCO phone back out of the box to do his part for the #BringBack2011 campaign.

10. Just ink it!

Does it not sound like one hell of a philosophy? This is what Pintu Behera, famous as Virat Kohli’s super-fan believes in. Pintu is bringing back 2011 by recreating the tattoo he had gotten back then to show his support for the team.

11. Business Analyst to Commentator to Business Analyst.

You read that right. Anant Tyagi happened to be a Business Analyst in 2011. He later decided to change his career path into becoming an established sports broadcaster. However, with everyone going into a recreation frenzy, he too, has decided to try and recreate his previous profession with a super fun CV to go with it. (Talk about sporty spirit, hah?!)

What a rollercoaster! Seems like India is whole heartedly embracing and taking part in the recreation to help the team win the Cup once again. However, fan or not, these stories will definitely move you to root for the team this year. And with all of our faith and sweet gestures, India might just ace the tournament just like it did in 2011.

So join Oreo and #BringBack2011 to help India manifest the team’s victory this year! I (Well, I know what I have to do! *Hops in the car to go and pick 2011 up from wherever it is…*)