Amidst the turbulence in the Kashmir Valley, a 7-year-old managed to clinch a gold medal at the Asian Youth Karate Championship (AYKC) – using his time off from school due to the unrest for a brilliant achievement.

Hashim Mansoor, who is a resident of Bandipora, now has a medal to show for his efforts – a significant positive for a state which doesn’t have too many sports resources. A Times of India report adds that his training was sponsored by his coach Faisal Ali, who runs a small karate academy in the district.

In a conversation with India Today, he expressed his happiness over his pupil’s victory and stated how significant it was as “there are not much resources for sports in Kashmir.”

b’Source: ANI’

“I have been practising for this ever since I was a year old. It was difficult, but I still won the fight. I am really happy,” Hashim told ANI.

Hashim won the sub-junior category (below 25kg) after defeating his Sri Lankan opponent. The tournament was organized by the All India Youth Karate Federation and 19 countries took part in it. Notably, 8-year-old Tajamul Islam, who became India’s first player to fetch gold in the sub-junior category at the World Kick-boxing Championship was also trained by Faisal Ali. 

Remarking on Hashim’s victory, J&K Youth Karate Federation president Ghulam Nabi Tantray said that it was possible because of the hard work of his coach Fasil Ali.

(Feature image source: ANI)