The FIFA World Cup is going on right now. For the fans living in India, watching the match on their TV was a bitter experience because of the constantly lagging stream. The stadium-watching experience might not be replicated at home but at least we can watch the match sitting on our couches, drinking beer – something the stadium-going audience can’t do because it’s banned in Qatar. Here is a list of things, including alcohol, that are banned in Qatar during the FIFA World Cup.

1. Alcohol

The sale of alcohol is strictly regulated in Qatar. Initially, Qatar ordered the sponsor Budweiser to keep its stands less prominent, but 48 hours before the World Cup began, fans were told they can not buy beer at any games during the tournament.

fifa world cup qatar
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2. Removing Their Shirts

According to an advisory issued to the ticket holders, fans must not “remove items of clothing or otherwise remain in a state of undress” – including being shirtless. They must also not reveal intimate parts.

fifa world cup qatar

3. Wearing Revealing Clothes

Fans coming from different countries have been advised to avoid wearing revealing clothes and keep their shoulders and knees covered.

fifa world cup qatar

4. No food inside the stadium

Food of any kind is not allowed inside the stadium, except for baby foods and medically required food.

fifa world cup qatar

5. No balloons or any inflatable balls

Fans are often seen carrying inflatable balls during football matches, but these are banned during this FIFA world cup. Along with inflatable balls, other inflated or inflatable items, such as balloons are also banned.

fifa world cup qatar
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6. Paper rolls

Significant quantities of paper or any rolls of paper are also not allowed.

fifa world cup qatar

7. Vuvuzelas and musical instruments

Devices or instruments that produce loud noises are banned inside the stadium. This includes vuvuzela, whistles, loudspeakers, etc. Musical instruments that do not easily fit in the X-ray baggage scanners are also not allowed.

fifa world cup qatar

8. Large Bags

Fans are advised to carry bags which can easily be stored under their seats.

fifa world cup qatar

Bottles, cups, jars, cans or any other form of closed or capped receptacle that may be thrown or cause injury are also banned. Apart from these, e-cigarettes, vapes, pork products, duty-free alcohol, religious books, narcotic drugs, pornographic material etc are also banned.