On Wednesday, 4th October, Brazil’s Under-17 football team were practicing at the Sports Academy Ground Panampilly Nagar in Kerala. Apart from Brazil, Kerala will host teams like Spain and Germany too, making it one of the best venues for the upcoming FIFA U17 World Cup. 


Since Kerala is one of the hot beds for football in the country, kids of the local team lined up to see the Brazil team’s practice session. Before they could be awed by their skill with the ball, they were won over by a wonderful gesture by the Brazilian coach and players. 

Brazil’s coach Amadeu had earlier said that the warm reception and support they have received makes it feel like they are playing on home turf. So, he repaid that by asking the local kids to join the Brazil team for practice. It made their day. Watch:

One of the local kids said, “We are excited to practice with the team and it was a very happy day.” And players from Brazil had similar things to say.  

Their gesture won the hearts of an already Brazil-plus-football-crazy state. What a great way to kick start the tournament. Brazilians know, better than anyone, the happiness football can provide. It will be a treat to watch them play.