Breakdancing, along with skateboarding, climbing and surfing might be one of the competitive events at the Paris Olympics, 2024.

While the final decision still rests with the International Olympic Committee, the latter 3 are expected to make a debut in the upcoming Olympics itself.

Source: The Telegraph

Also known as 'breaking', breakdancing finds its roots in American hip-hop culture of the 1970s. From there, it slowly emerged as a 'dance sport' and got famous in Paris.

A report from The Washington Post quoted French break dancer Mounir Biba as saying:

There’s simply no doubt about the athletic aspects of the discipline. I defy Cristiano Ronaldo to do just one of my movements. 
Source: News Hub

Olympic breakdancing events will likely feature face-offs between individuals or teams while a DJ plays music on the console. 

Source: Chicago Tribune

Breakdancing has already made its debut in the Youth Olympics, 2018 where Japan’s Ramu 'Ram' Kawai and Russia’s Sergei 'Bumblebee' Chernyshev won gold in the girls and boys events, respectively.