‘Revenge’ might be a big word for Roger Federer’s  6-4, 6-3 victory over Novak Djokovic at the ATP Finals last night, but he did redeem himself – and how!

The Wimbledon final with no losers was still fresh in our minds when the two entered the court to win the semi-final berth, and for all of us awake after midnight in India, it was something to witness the greatest forces of tennis fighting it out again. 

It is no hidden fact that I am a Federer fan, but you can gauge nearly everyone was rooting for Federer by the deafening sound of applause he received after the match. 

It is just beautiful to know that they (and I) would have clapped for Djokovic too, if he had won. But that’s just how tennis works.

The last night was the GOAT’s night and needless to say, people like me didn’t get much sleep. 

When asked after the match, what made him win, a very self-aware Federer said ‘I won the match point, I guess’.

Among other things, this is what makes Federer so special. What a time to be alive!