Looking at MS Dhoni’s performances over the last few years, I think we can all agree that he is past his prime years. The agility, the swiftness, seems to be missing sometimes and that’s fair. He is nearing the end of his career.

However, one thing we can all feel secure about, is that his legacy will always live on. Because, for all understandable reasons, he is more to people than just a ‘good cricketer’. Here are a few instances to prove the same. 

1. Star-struck Yashasvi Jaiswal folding his hands to greet MS Dhoni before a match.

2. CSK fans crowding an entire stadium just to see MS practice.

3. People lining up to meet Dhoni after the Indian Premier League got postponed in March. 

4. People in his home city Ranchi, taking up every single seat in the stadium for his last ODI match there.

5. A fan running up to the dugout just for one chance to touch Dhoni’s feet. 

6. An elderly admirer letting her love for Dhoni known by going to the stadium with this banner.

Twitter/Rakhi Somani

On getting the news, he personally went up to her and thanked her for all the support. 

7. When Dhoni arrived in UAE for IPL 2020, this his how his fans greeted him

8. #WelcomeBackDhoni trending in India for an entire day before his return to cricket after 438 days. 

9. Dhoni fans, including school children, clearing dues for his Jharkhand State Cricket Association membership.

It was ₹1,800, a sum Dhoni could have easily paid off himself. But upon learning that the amount needed to paid, people contributed money and cleared the bill as a gesture of love. 

10. Border-issues dissolved when Dhoni fans from Pakistan were asked if they’ll miss seeing him playing for India, and their answer was a resounding YES. 

No player is more important than cricket, but Dhoni is as important as one can get.