FIFA Women's World Cup is starting in less than a month and teams from all over the world have started promoting the event.

They have to. Otherwise who is going to watch sub-standard games between women? Sub-standard games between women who have multiple World Cup and European titles to their name! No point wasting time. (Please note: heavy sarcasm)

Source: Roadtrips

The German football team put out a great video to make this point. The 8-time European Champions and 2-time World Cup winners don't want people to know their names, they just want them to know what they want to do. And that is winning the cup. 

From winning a tea set after their first title (yeah, no joke) to facing prejudices all their life, these women aren't bothered by the fact that they play for a nation that doesn't even know them.

They are also not bothered by comments like:


As they take on the field, they just want one thing. They just want people to know that they know how to use balls, even though they don't have them (pure, pure, pure fire).

Oh, and the World Cup starts on 7th of June. Mark the dates.