This World Cup gave us many heroes. Some have still a long way to go and many more World Cups to play while for some this was the end of the line. But they all played their hearts out and set examples for us. 

But there were some others, who weren’t necessarily playing cricket but stole the show anyway.

1. Charulata Patel

The 87-year-old superfan was first noticed by the cameras during the league game between India and Bangladesh. She was seen enjoying herself and having fun at the match, which was inspiring to a lot of people. 

The Financial Express1

After the game, even Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma went down to the stands to meet her. Kohli even wrote her a personal letter and arranged tickets for her to watch the rest of India’s matches. 

Zee News

Later we also found out that she had been a long-time supporter of the Indian cricket team and was even present at Lord’s in 1983 when Kapil Dev lifted the World Cup. 


2. Muhammad Sarim Akhtar

You know him better as the angry Pakistani fan with his hands on his waist after one of the fielders had dropped a simple catch. 


Soon after he was seen on TV expressing his displeasure, Akhtar became an internet sensation and became a subject of a multitude of memes. Hell, fans even came to the stadium wearing t-shirts with his face on them. 

Pakistani Vogue

3.  Momin Saqib

He is the same Pakistani supporter who went batshit crazy after his team lost miserably against India in their league game. After the match, he spoke to reporters complaining about how Pakistani cricketers ate pizza and burger’. 

DNA India

He then became a meme with the captain ‘ekdum se waqt badal diye, jazbaat badal diye’. 


4. The Rain

The rain made more than few appearances during the World Cup, and sometimes at crucial stages of the tournament like during the Semi-final between India and New Zealand. 

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It changed the pitch very often. But not as much as the cloud cover helped the ball move sharply even after the 20th over, throughout the tournament. 


5. That overthrow off Ben Stokes bat

With 9 required off 3 balls, Ben Stokes hit one to sqaure leg and rushed for two. The problem was that the throw from deep by Martin Guptil hit Stokes’s outstretched bat and went for 4 overthrows, giving England 3 to win from 2 balls. 

Fox Sports

We all know what happened after that. 

6. Sanjay Manjrekar

Alright, hold on. Let’s not get abusive now, okay? I mean, think about, where was Jadeja before Manjrekar said he didn’t like ‘bits and pieces’ player? 

DNA India

Jadeja responded on Twitter and then when the time came, he was the best on the field, with the ball and he almost closed the match with his brilliant counter-attacking batting. 

My Khel

So where would we be without Manjrekar?

7. The Sandpaper guys

Steve Smith and David Warner played international cricket after 12 months due to the ban for their the sandpaper gate were seriously booed throughout the course of the game. 

cricket australia

What’s worse was that there was a couple up in a balcony dressed as sandpaper, presumably to taunt Warner and Smith. 

8. ICC’s screwed up rules about tied matches

After both the match and the super over were tied, England was declared the victors and the winners of the World Cup 2019, as the Englishmen had hit more boundaries during their innings and the super over combined. 

India Today

Which is a ridiculous way to decide which team was better on the day that mattered! 


9. Virender Sehwag and Sachin Tendulkar’s commentary

When Sachin joined Sehwag in the Hindi commentary box, we expected them to regale us with some stories of their glorious times together. But not at the cost of the match. 


Instead, we got exactly that. The two legends would spend most of their time talking about their funny stories instead of commentating on the game and eventually became extremely infamous on Twitter for the same reason. 

10. Sarfaraz Ahmed’s yawn

During Pakistan’s match against India, captain Sarfaraz Ahmed was seen yawning as the neighbours returned to the field after a slight rain delay. This prompted an uproar of memes on Twitter. 


This actually went so far that Ahmed had to speak about it at the press conference. 

Hey, don’t judge them. They are the ones who actually made the World Cup a lot more interesting than it would have been.