Something incredible happened on November 15, 1989. 27 years to this day, two of the greatest names to have played the game of cricket made their Test debut together as teenagers with a lot of expectations on their shoulders.

Little did we know how successful the 18-year-old Waqar Younis and 16-year-old Sachin Tendulkar would go on to be.

To mark the occasion, the legendary Pakistan speedster — the man who has 373 Test wickets and 416 ODI wickets — tweeted nostalgic images of him and Sachin, noting how quickly time had flown.

And Sachin was quick to respond, even making a witty remark about how it wasn’t just time that was quick.

In fact, it was Waqar who got Sachin out in his first innings for 15 runs with an inswinging yorker that he would become known for around the world.

Looking back, the signs were hard to ignore that the two of them would go on to become the best in their business.

In the history of India and Pakistan, November 15 is a special day indeed.