Fans, especially those visiting from England, didn’t have much to cheer during the Wankhede Test as they collapsed to a defeat by an innings and 36 runs – and it seems that their frustration came out in a spate of sick jokes.

Those at the Wankhede were invited to send messages of support to their team via a fan message board which was duly “hijacked” – and used to mock a missing girl, a convicted paedophile footballer and didn’t spare Stevie Wonder as well.

“Lovely to see many young cricket fans here today! – Adam Johnson”, was one of the messages. Johnson used to play in the Premier League before he was found guilty of sexual activity with a child and sentenced to six years in prison.

The Daily Mail documented some of the jokes with photos of them being shown on the big screen – one of them was a message which was supposedly sent by Elisabeth Fritzl, who was held captive by her father Josef in the basement of home in Austria for 24 years.

“I came here in memory of my Father Josef, who loved to watch cricket with me in the basement in our home country, Austria – Elisabeth Fritzl,” the message said.

Not even blind singer Stevie Wonder was spared. “Pleasure watching Kohli bat. You have to see it to believe it – S. Wonder,” a message said.

There was a racist joke as well – relating to the man who pioneered Brexit, Nigel Farage. “Great to see so many Indian faces… in India! C mon England!” – a fan wrote.

It did not go down well with people.

Featured image: AFP