It was Sunday. A rainy day in the Big Apple. It was the Men’s T20 World Cup cricket match between the two big rivals, India and Pakistan. The stadium was overcrowded with fans in blue. They had lost faith when a miracle happened, and that miracle was the Indian bowling.

T20 World Cup India vs Pakistan
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Thanks to our incredible bowling line-up, India won a difficult match against Pakistan by 6 runs. And we can go on and talk more about how the Bumrah-led bowling attack saved the day, but we’re here to talk about the Hindi commentary because, well…it sort of had the opposite effect. And the Internet DID not miss it.

T20 World Cup India vs Pakistan
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Besides the happy sighs of relief, people are reacting to the Hindi commentary from yesterday’s match. Navjot Singh Sidhu, in particular, had a lot to say, and, in return, people on the Internet have a lot to say on the very many things he said.

I read somewhere you can survive anything if you can survive Hindi commentary, and I second it.