Gabriel Jesus has scored three goals in four appearances for Manchester City. In his last two games, he has relegated the absolutely brilliant Sergio Aguero to the bench. 

The 19-year-old also has a unique celebration it seems. When he scored against Swansea (he scored two) this past weekend, Jesus celebrated by making a phone-call gesture. 

Fans quickly latched onto it and a quote from the man himself started going viral…

Kick-ass, right?

But then, it seems that this is NOT TRUE.

A Squawka report suggests that Gabriel has been doing this celebration since quite some time – and it’s a testament to how he’s always in touch with his mother despite globe-trotting. It adds that his mother Vera is one of the biggest influences in his life.

Alô mãe 📞 #Brasil #maisumavitoria #alomaedenovo

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The caption translates to “Hello Mother”.

There’s one more as well…

Alô mãe 📞 sexta eu vou no jogo do Nenê vs Romário ! Partiu 💨

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So sorry all, he’s not sending a message to his ex – even though that would make for an equally brilliant story!

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