At one point during his BwC interview, Ishant Sharma says:

If you know, you know: That’s a trait of true blue desi parents and it’s really endearing. They bargain (sometimes to an embarrassing degree), they ration and in most cases, can be found worshiping very often. But there is a reason they do all this and Ishant here tells the story of his household.

He might have become a successful bowler today but he hasn’t forgotten his humble beginnings and how hard his father – an AC transporter – worked for him. 

So, when he went for training as a teenager, he used to do everything himself.

Talking about the luxuries he can afford now, Ishant pointed out how ‘strong’ his immune system was back then. 

Times changed, though, and he got a call-up for Indian national team. Which was obviously followed by a decent bank balance. 

Wanting to splurge a little, Ishant decided to buy expensive speakers which didn’t impress his dad because he had other plans.

After all these years, nothing has changed. His demands are still simple. 

Ishant also fondly tells how much his parents love to do puja.

And not so fondly about the time he got beaten up by his mom for skipping tuitions. 

His parents will make great friends with mine. You can watch the complete episode here.