When you win every thing for a long time, two consecutive whitewashes can be a little too much to take.

Especially if you are as passionate as Virat Kohli. 

Conversation around his heated verbal exchange with a reporter has not even died down, and there are already reports of him saying this on the field during a match against New Zealand:

Jab India mein yeh log aayengey, tab dikha doonga (I’ll show them when they come to India).
The Indian Express

Which isn’t the wisest thing to say amid the criticism the team is getting, but moving on.

The Indian captain is facing heat for reportedly gesturing towards the crowd with a finger on his lips and celebrating a tad bit too passionately on Kane Williamson’s dismissal. 


Williamson later, played down the whole incident associated with him, and said that it is ‘typical of Virat’.

Not the most accepting of defeat, our captain.