With a new national record of 62.43 meters, India’s Annu Rani became the first Indian javelin thrower to qualify for the woman’s final of the World Athletics Championships.

Annu finished at the 5th position among the two groups, which was a place above the current record holder Barbora Spotakova.

Any player who touches the 63.50 meters mark, automatically qualifies for the final. In case that doesn’t happen, 12 best-performing players from both the groups fight for the title. 

Only two players –  Lyu Huihui (67.27 meters) of China and Christin Hussong (65.29 meters) of Germany – could actually touch the qualification mark.

Annu’s previous national record was 62.34 meters, which she made in March. More power to her, we hope she brings back the title.