What do you do when your noisy neighbours keep disturbing your sleep? Bear it silently, fight or call the cops?

Not if you are Lionel Messi though. The Barcelona superstar, according to his teammate, Ivan Rakitic, got so fed up with a noisy and rude neighbour that he decided to just buy their house.


b’File image of Messi & Rakitic / AFP’

In an interview with a Croatian publication, Rakitic revealed that he personally does not have a problem with his neighbours in the plush locale of Castelldefels — just like many of Barcelona’s biggest stars. But Messi, well he showed how different he was in 2013.

“I’ve never had any problems with my neighbours, unlike Messi who had to buy his neighbour’s house because he was too noisy,” the midfielder said. 

A report in the Mirror adds that ‘Messi initially tried to install a dividing wall but the structure didn’t meet building regulations – with his neighbours threatening a legal battle – so he just gave up and bought the house instead.’

In case you were wondering, this will give you an idea how he managed to do it so easily.

Well, being Messi clearly has its perks.


Featured image: Reuters