India vs Pakistan. The rivalry that is perhaps the most anticipated event in world cricket. The rivalry that has been limited to World Cup & World T20 due to ongoing tensions between the two nations. The rivalry that, sadly for cricket fans, does not see much action these days.

But during the Boxing Day Test between Australia and Pakistan in Melbourne, a fan was spotted wearing a jersey that will warm the hearts of fans of both the sub-continent powerhouses. Or anger them both.

The image of this unidentified fan sporting MS Dhoni’s name on the Pakistan jersey has caught the attention of social media.

Isn’t that sweet?

But considering an Indian was detained in Assam for wearing a Shahid Afridi jersey and a Virat Kohli fan was sentenced to jail for 10 years for hoisting India’s tri-colour in Pakistan, we’d advise this particular chap to wear this jersey just in Australia.

Featured image: Reuters