Shaadi season is not quite over yet! Tennis player, Rafael Nadal is now engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Mery Perelló and are soon to be wed.

According to People magazi32-year-oldyear old proposed to his girlfriend of 14 years, back in May 2018. And the couple managed to keep it under wraps for 8 months!  

Mery, who also goes by the name, Xisca, has been spotted cheering for most of Nadal’s matches, now works at the Rafa Nadal Academy in Manacor.

Nadal seems to be a family man. In the past, when interviewed by ESPN about starting a family, he said,

“Obviously, I have the intention of forming a family. I love children!”

The couple is set to wed this fall, in a ceremony in Mallorca.

Netizens are absolutely not sour about this development, nope, not at all. Some are, in fact, really happy.

As heartbroken as we are, shaadis make us happy. Congratulations to the couple!