I am struggling to find a subtle way to put this, so let’s just say Ravi Shastri likes alcohol. 

A lot.

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And just like anyone who loves alcohol, Ravi has been looking forward to buy some after lockdown relaxation (you know things are bad when Shastri’s stock gets over). 

In a conversation with India Today Consulting Editor Rajdeep Sardesai, he explained how he plans to get alcohol and who he wants to have it with:

With the lockdown now, I’m past the red zone and am currently in the orange zone in Alibaug. I’m going to get a beer tonight, am sure there will be some shop open. And if I had to get 2 guys to get a beer with me I’m sure Roger would have joined me and so would Siva.

Well, a lot of wine shops in Maharashtra have been closed due to high demand and insane crowds. So we don’t know whether or not Ravi got his fix.

We do know, though, that Twitter had started making daaru memes on him since the news of relaxation broke out. 

Memers had guessed it, which says more about Shastri than them.