Pakistanis are passionate people are everything they do, they do with full heart, head, and emotions. We love that. It’s like watching a reality show. Here are a few reasons to support that claim.

1. There are walkouts. 

Recently, Shoaib Akhtar walked out of a show where he featured as an analyst. This was after the host called him “rude” and said that the former pacer can leave if he wants.

2. Things get random very quickly, very often.

For instance, this video of Pakistani cricket greats discussing the missing finger of Waqar Younis, and having the best time. Waqar also looks so happy. Like, what is happening?

3. The viewers are really invested in the whole thing.

Way too much, sometimes. Which results in broken TVs.



Some more memes.

And a lot of sentiment.

4. People keep throwing shade at each other.

Most of it is from Shoiab Akhtar alone!

India TV News

5. They start following alternate careers after their main stint.

By that we mean, YouTube.

“India is no less”.

We know.