On Saturday night, India made it 11-0 against arch-rivals Pakistan in World Cup meetings. The whole nation was lost in celebration and understandably so. Which is why you could almost forgive Star Sports TV anchor Jatin Sapru for getting a little ahead of himself. He wouldn’t know what defeat in such a fixture feels like and thus managed to piss off Shoaib Akhtar, who was present at the post match session. 


Sapru, supposedly mocked Akhtar, as he laughed while praising Virat Kohli’s stupendous performance for Team India. Akhtar was clearly displeased and took on the anchor. In his defence, Sapru mentioned the Mauka Mauka ad playing in the background, which he claimed had led him to chuckle.


Here’s the video of Shoaib Akhtar losing his cool on TV:   


Source: Pakistan News