India defeated Sri Lanka by 302 runs at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai in the 2023 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup and recorded their biggest win in the World Cup ODI history. Just two months back during the Asia Cup final, India defeated SL in a similar feat by bowling out the team for 50 runs within 16 overs and concluding the chase in 6.1 overs. Interestingly, the biggest ODI win also came earlier this year when India recorded a 317-run victory against the same team.

Well, yesterday’s match saw the team in its best form, with three batsmen finishing their innings close to a century and setting up a 358-run target for Sri Lanka to chase. Next came our bowlers, and they dominated the field. Together, Mohammed Shami and Mohammed Siraj took 8 wickets, and the match concluded within 20 overs at 55 runs, with India becoming the first team to qualify for the semis.

Needless to repeat, our team has displayed its best form in every match this World Cup and maintained its winning streak. We wholeheartedly hope and manifest this trend continues till India lifts the trophy for the 3rd time and carries on even further. While the record-breaking performances by Batsmen and Bowlers usually get their fair share of limelight, it’s during fielding when everyone comes together to play as a team for each other. And trust India’s dressing room ceremony to acknowledge that.

So far, we’ve seen wholesome snippets of celebration from the medal ceremony in the Indian dressing room emerge online. Well, yesterday’s match was different, and so the ceremony was backed with a special surprise.

In a video shared on the Indian Cricket Team’s official social media handle, our fielding coach, T Dilip, began the medal ceremony by commending the batsmen (the likes of Virat Kohli and Shubman Gill) who played in the scorching heat of Mumbai and gave India a strong headstart.

Next came acknowledging the relentless efforts of KL Rahul as the wicketkeeper who constantly works with the captain and positions the fielders in the ideal spots.

For fielding, Dilip commended Ravindra Jadeja and Shreyas Iyer, whom he dubbed as the silent sniper.

Taking things further, he surprised the players, stating the best fielder award would be declared by the man, the legend himself. None other than Sachin Tendulkar.

He emphasised the importance of a fielder and recognised the value of the fielding medal.

And the name of the best fielder for the match was declared. It was Shreyas Iyer, the silent sniper.

The wholesome words by the Master Blaster and the celebration that followed have really struck chords with the viewers online. People are in awe of the team spirit between players, how they’re playing as a team, supporting and celebrating each other in their big wins every step of the way.

The two most in-form teams, India and South Africa will be facing each other on Sunday. Even though India has reached the semis, it is surely one of the most awaited matches of the season.

All the screenshots have been taken from the medal ceremony video shared on Indian Cricket Team’s official social media handle. You can watch it here.