He was 18 when he first set foot on the Anfield turf as a professional Liverpool player. His talent mesmerized clubs the world over. 17 years and a countless offers later, he still stayed on. Born and bred in Liverpool, he went from a young talent to a legend. He once said, “Cut my veins open and I will bleed Liverpool red”, and his career paid testament to that. A cannon of a right foot that made us witness some unforgettable long rangers, tackles which such commitment that made him crash into hoardings, last minute winners that dug the team out of danger and most of all, his loyalty towards his club, made him a legend. The EPL trophy may have eluded him but respect did not. No matter who you support, no matter which club you love or hate, if you love football, you have to respect Steven Gerrard. He never let the reds walk alone.

Here is a video that pays respect and tribute to Mr. Liverpool himself, as he finally says goodbye to the Merseyside and his fellow Scousers: