Indian cricket team has, over years, only disappointed its fans. Again and again. Here are just a few examples of the same. 

1. Won the T20 World Cup with a first-time captain and against general expectations.

2. Turned around the fate of Kolkata Test, 2001, after a follow-on was enforced on the side by the Australians.

3. Won the Natwest Trophy against all odds, giving Indian cricket one of its most historic moments.

4. Laid hands on the Champions Trophy for the first time in 2013.


5. Became the first team from the subcontinent to defeat Australia in its own backyard, in a decade.

6. Won the ODI World Cup after 28 years.


7. Won the ODI World Cup for the first time.


See, we know that the team is going through a rough patch right now, but let us remember these moments and remind ourselves that we have achieved a lot before and we will achieve a lot in the future.

So, as the team finds itself in a fix, let us support it through the tough and hope for the best.