There is no denying the fact that we are very proud of Team India, for going out there on the field and playing with the sole purpose of making the country proud. 

There is should be no doubt about the fact that we appreciate it endlessly. 

However, talking from a technical perspective, India’s performance has been utterly disappointing in the two matches it has played so far.

We lost the toss in both matches, which put us at a disadvantage, but we could have redeemed ourselves.

This is a team with Virat Kohli and KL Rahul, batsmen ranked number 5 and 8 in the T20Is. New Zealand has one player in the top 10, at number 7.

Even in team rankings, India is above New Zealand. 

However, this is not just about where we stand on the tables. This is about the individual capacity of players who are a part of the team and the coaching staff.

All of them are match-winners of their own right, so for them to fall like a deck of cards and to be unable to dismiss opposition batsmen, is appalling honestly.

India was not able to scalp a single wicket against Pakistan. It lost 7. 

Against New Zealand, it again lost 7 and scalped 2.

And we have the best bowling attack in the world. So, what do you make of this?

Similarly, getting out for 110 and 151, with batsmen like Virat, Rohit, and Rahul, is as astonishing as it is disappointing.

To add to this, this is a tournament where the team is being mentored by MS Dhoni. It is as big as an advantage can get. After all, we know what Dhoni has achieved in the format and the tournament in the past. 

We hope things change for the team in the upcoming matches and that, if we are able to make it to the semi-final, we can avenge these losses. Fingers crossed.