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If you're an Indian, cricket probably flows in your blood. Even if you don't follow the sport first hand, you probably still must be surrounded by it. Each time the Indian Cricket Team does wonders, you can hear the cheers from your neighbour's house, or a shop you might pass by. Basically, cricket is a religion in this country. And ESPECIALLY when it comes to a nerve-wracking India v/s Pakistan match. Which reminds me of the upcoming match between these two teams in the Asia Cup. 


So on that note, let's test how much you know about the current playing eleven, shall we? Brace yourself and take this quiz to find out how big of a cricket fanatic are you.

Which of them is not in the current team? 

Who is the current Indian Cricket Team captain in the Asia Cup? 

During the 2018 Asia Cup Ind v Pak, how many runs did the latter score? 

Three of them are all-rounders, which one isn't? 

Who is the vice-captain of the current team?

In the 2016 Asia Cup, by how many wickets did India win over Pakistan? 

Which one of these players is not left handed?

Where was the current team captain born?