Virat Kohli is not just a legendary cricketer but a part-time comedian as well. Yep, really. Kohli is a whole different mood when it comes to showing his goofiness on the ground. The former captain of India’s national cricket team, who currently leads Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL, is an underrated entertainer, so to speak.

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We have curated eight on-field instances of Virat Kohli, the GOAT, when he acted like a cute kid and tickled our bones:

1. Kohli chilling during net practice with Pandya

Ahead of the ODI series against the West Indies, Virat Kohli was in his chill mode during a net practice with Hardik Pandya. A video has gone viral that shows Kohli batting against Pandya and making a hilarious gesture at him.

2. Kohli enjoying pancake on the field

During the India-West Indies 2nd Test in July this year, a video of Virat Kohli went viral in which he was seen relishing pancake on the field. Kohli, who smashed his 76th international century (29th Test century) then, also came up with a little bit of dance moves there.

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3. Kohli sprinting back to his teammates in a cutest way possible

After India’s third T20I win against Australia in 2022, Virat Kohli received the ‘Energetic Player of the Match’ award for his performance. In a viral video, Kohli can be seen running like a kid while holding the award in his hand. Isn’t he cute?

4. Kohli imitating Bhajji’s bowling style

Ahead of the second T20I between India and Sri Lanka in 2020, Virat Kohli was seen goofing around on the field. A video went viral back then that featured Kohli imitating the bowling action of veteran off-spinner Harbhajan Singh in front of him. It left Bhajji in splits ‘coz why not?

5. Kohli showing his dance routine by literally rolling on the floor

Before the RCB vs KXIP match in the 2020 Indian Premier League, Virat Kohli showed his funny dance routine during the warm-up session. Photos and videos of Kohli’s impromptu performance went viral back then. Kohli went into a Zumba mode as he stretched his muscles ahead of the game.

6. Kohli’s tongue-out celebration after catching the ball

During the semi-final of the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 match between India and Bangladesh, Virat Kohli took the catch at the dismissal of Mushfiqur Rahim. Kohli’s hilarious video of him sticking his tongue out while celebrating the catch went insanely viral back then.

7. Kohli performing ‘bhangra’ while entertaining his fans

During the second T20I of India vs England in 2022, Virat Kohli was seen having fun with the crowd. In a viral video, Kohli was seen pulling off ‘bhangra’ steps on the field.

8. Kohli making us prepare for ‘Friday night’

On Day 3 in the first Test match between India and West Indies last month, Virat Kohli was yet again seen bringing his entertainer side on the field. Kohli’s flawless dance moves in the following clip say it all.

Virat Kohli is truly an underrated entertainer. What do you think?

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