The way Virat Kohli works out in the gym, I won’t be surprised if he starts emitting laser beams from his palms in near future. 

The man’s something else. 

Recently, India’s former strength and conditioning coach Shankar Basu said that Virat hasn’t had a single cheat day in 2 years and honestly, it shows!

Today, Virat shared a video of himself doing the same workout routine, 3 years apart, and I feel it should have come with a disclaimer because it is borderline freaky. 

Lifting that heavy weight with insane ease, Virat keeps going at it and repeats the process 5 times. 

I don’t know what his bones are made of, but it’s definitely something different from ours. I mean, calcium can’t handle this kind of stuff.

Ab thoda show off ho raha hai!