Virat Kohli is totally like all of us. Of course, he can whip the cricket ball down to midwicket faster than anyone on the planet, but let’s leave that aside for now. All of us, as kids, have role models that we look up to. We strive to be like them and hope to emulate them someday, and those who work tirelessly in that pursuit, sometimes go on to become role models themselves. Virat is one such example. He grew up watching Rahul Dravid tire out bowling attacks all over the world. And those who have seen Dravid bat, or heard him speak, or literally do anything, know that he is a perfect role model.

And as India looked all set to win the second test against West Indies at Sabina Park in Kingston Jamaica, captain Virat shared these photos of him with Rahul Dravid, one an old one from 10 years ago, and one from a recent foreign tour. He mentions how this makes him feels that dreams do come true, and grateful he is to be where he is right now.

You go, Virat! We just hope there is another young cricketer, 10 years down the line, who has the same to say about you.