If you have ever been to a stadium to watch a cricket match, you know how the atmosphere there is. There is music, there is energy and there are people chanting names of their favourite cricketers.

However, that is the image we mostly associate with men’s cricket. Because who goes to watch ‘boring’ women’s cricket games?

Well, thousands of people in Surat, did. 

In a video shared by the BCCI, you can see the entire Lalabhai Contractor Stadium packed with people who had come to support the Women in Blue in their match against South Africa women.

It was particularly impressive because this wasn’t an important final of a big tournament. It was a T20 match between the two countries.

The players also didn’t disappoint their fans as they won the low-scoring match by 11 runs.

This was long overdue and it’s so heartwarming to see people finally giving women’s cricket the attention it deserves.