The India vs Hong Kong Asia Cup game yesterday was special for both teams. While Hong Kong deserves immense credit for the way they fought against one of the best teams in the sport, there was much to celebrate for the Indian squad, including the victory. 

What stood out for India was the partnership between Virat Kohli and Suryakumar Yadav, both of whom scored half-centuries and it was the former captain’s reaction to his newer teammate that became one to cherish.

As SKY was walking down the field after India’s innings, Virat, who was standing near the boundary ‘bowed’ to him as a gesture of appreciation. 

Visibly flushed, SKY hugged him and both went back to the pavilion. 

In the post-match conference, SKY was asked about this and he said:

It was actually a heart-warming gesture for me, I have not seen anything like that before. I was wondering why is he not walking with me, he was walking just behind me and later on I told him, let’s walk together. I really enjoyed batting with him, and I told him the same after the innings. We were constantly talking to each other and the game plan was clear. The experience mattered I think, I have not played as many T20I as him, and so I really enjoyed batting with him.

Following the match, Virat also posted a series of pictures on social media, and there too, he mentioned SKY. 

It was truly heartwarming for the fans to witness this and here are some of their reactions.

We love to see this.