We know, we know, you love cricket. Some of you even call yourself 'cricket geeks', since your knowledge is so great. Well, that's amazing, but let's put you to test, shall we? Here are a list of questions we bet people born after 2000 won't be able to answer.

1. Kapil Dev scored 175 in a crucial World Cup game in 1983, where was the match played?

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2. Who was the first overseas player to represent Yorkshire?

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3. When did the Indian women's team make its Test debut?

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4. Who was the first Indian captain to lead the country to a victory?

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5. Which was the first World Cup to use black sight screens?

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6. Which was the only team India defeated in the 1975 World Cup?

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7. Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly first opened for India together in 1996. It was against which team?

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8. How many times have Sachin, Ganguly, and Dravid scored a century in the same Test match?

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9. Which Indian bowler bowled 21 consecutive maiden overs?

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10. What is Ajit Agarkar's middle name?

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