As avid cricket fans will remember, Henry Olonga played his last game for Zimbabwe during the 2003 World Cup, where former teammate Andy Flower and he wore black armbands in protest of President Robert Mugabe’s rule, mourning the ‘death of democracy’.

As an Indian, when you think of Henry Olonga, you think of this.


Or this.


Or maybe even this.

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But probably not this.


Yep, Henry Olonga, stunned the judges during a blind audition for The Voice Australia, with his incredible singing. The former Zimbabwe pacer sang a rendition of This is the Moment to a standing ovation from the crowd.

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Death threats and a tenuous situation back home forced him to live in exile, finally relocating to Australia. He touches upon his situation in the video below.

And the standing ovation of the crowd wasn’t enough, the internet was blown away by his performance too. Former colleagues also hailed him:

Followed, of course, by the rest of Twitter.

The man himself replied to his new fans on Twitter.

And yes, we’ll give him this one.