When I first saw Kenny perform, I was completely enamoured by his impeccable timing as a comedian and his charm that doesn't just let one look away while he speaks. This guy talks like he knows his shit and that is what will first make you sway all your attention towards him.

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Kenny Sebastian, 25, with a YouTube following of over 600K, has been making content on YouTube for the past 8 years now. He's been creating quite a buzz with his stand-up comedy and is known to be a man of many talents. 

While going through his archive (because stalking is my passion), I happen to come across something that blew my mind away. He is one talented musician too. Listen to him sing and you will know what we are talking about. 

You gotta listen to this

And just when you thought, this was all that he could do, there was more. 

Kenny is also an artist.

Check out some of his artwork. 

Source: Facebook

And a sculptor.

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Source: Facebook

Woah! A man with many enthralling faces indeed!