Don’t mock my makeup.

Don’t ask me why I use it.

Just don’t.

What if I were to randomly walk up to people, rambling stuff like,

“Oh! You’re wearing hair wax again!” Or, “Why do you love perfume?”

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I don’t because 

a) Every person is a free being with individual choices

b) I don’t care

c) It’s none of my goddamn business, and 

d) It’s kind of personal

Oh, and also because I get that these things are grooming products. That’s the whole point. Be it indulging in clothing, accessories, hair, body care, makeup or fitness, everyone has ways of looking good and feeling good.

Then why the hell is someone pointing a finger in my direction or any other direction?

Every time I hear a comment about my ‘sexy’ red lipstick or smoky eyes, I wonder why in the world it’s even an issue in the first place.

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What’s the problem here? Is my pout too much for you to handle? Does it look intimidating or slutty? Is it too bright for your eyes?

Who decides that a certain look is okay for a party but not a workplace? Who’s setting the code? Why object or be haters? Why is it even a concern, let alone problem?

Honestly, I'm just curious about the intent. Why would one person judge another for how they choose to be? Is it to feel better about one’s own self by making another conscious?

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Does it look like I have an inferiority complex or the wrong idea of beauty? Did I come across as superficial? I could’ve cared but thankfully I don’t give a shit.

I’m not insecure about my features and I’m not trying to look picture perfect all the time. I just like makeup. I like how it shapes me. How it highlights my bone structure, how it makes my eyes look even deeper.

Not that I have to justify it to anyone.

But a surprisingly large number of people are self-conscious. If they're low on confidence, they might use makeup as a cover-up for what they believe are imperfections and you're going to point that out, screw their mood?

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So, whatever be my reason, no one has the right to walk over and put me in an uncomfortable spot. To whomsoever it may concern, before you call makeup a ‘lie’ or a ‘trick’, get your foot out of your mouth.

It’s a fucking art.

A successful, dedicated industry for it didn’t just pop out of nowhere. A Chanel eye shadow doesn’t cost a bomb for nothing. Whether I sleep in foundation like Kim Kardashian or quit it completely like Alicia Keys, it’s a personal choice.

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To each their own. Every girl and woman has different preferences. Some don’t like makeup or see the need for it, some like it heavy, some like it light, some use it occasionally, and some use it daily.

It’s more about the freedom to do what you want without being questioned or ridiculed than the concept of makeup.

Because come on, when did appearances start mattering so much? If someone looks good, you compliment him or her. If you don’t like what you see and have an opinion about it, keep it to yourself. I don’t come and tell you that your haircut is stupid.

So don’t tell me stuff like “looking natural is good”. I know that. Stop being snooty and self-righteous. I am natural, more than you know. No kind of makeup can change that. You need to change a few definitions of your own though.

Stop being nosy. Live and let live! Spend a few hours daily practicing that. Beautify that mind. Give your attitude a makeover. 

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But I’m good, thanks. And definitely looking better than you. So stop judging already.